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May 11, 2013

Our local and national NHS are in crisis.

Locally we have overfull hospitals asking patients not to attend A&E, an ambulance service seemingly unable to cope and complaints about timely access to many GPs.  We have some of the worst funded hospitals in the country.  The concerns about mortality at our hard pressed hospitals is such that they are one of 14 Trusts in England where there is to be a special investigation with a Review Team to visit the county in the next few weeks.

We want to hear about your experiences so that we can make sure the Review Team are aware of them.  You can make us aware of them on this site under ‘Your Experiences’.

Nationally we have all been shocked at the events in Mid-Staffordshire where, according to some calculations, 1,200 patients died due to the hospital trust pursuing financial and other targets, at the expense of patient safety. The Inquiry concluded that not only did this happen in Mid Staffs, but pointed to a much wider malaise within the NHS; a management culture obsessed with good news and the suppression of bad news.  External reports have stated that this culture is inconsistent with safe care.

All organisations need to learn from their mistakes, indeed that is the one of the ways that they can improve.  A culture of cover-up by the NHS; less than honest with patients or relatives were clinical incidence have arisen, is not an organisation which can give public confidence in a commitment to patient safety.  The NHS is to introduce a duty of candour; it is shocking recognition of the failing culture of the NHS that such a duty is needed.

However we need to keep this in perspective.  For the majority of us our experiences with the NHS are good, people praise hard pressed staff.  However there are too many examples where patients have come to harm and where that harm is avoidable.    Regardless of these problems our politicians in London have left those who have run the NHS for the past 10 years, with such disastrous results, still in positions of authority.  On the one hand they say that bankers who are implicated in the loss of money should never be directors of banks again; on the other they leave managers implicated in countless deaths, in post.

This double standard by our political leaders means that the full lessons from Mid-Staffordshire and the need for a root and branch review of the way the NHS is led, not just at local level, but at national level is unlikely.  That is why organisations like ours exist – to challenge the failing politicians and those with vested interest because if we do not more Mid Staffs will arise.

Recent material released by the Department of Health shows that they received a disproportionately high number of complaints about the NHS in Lincolnshire both about ULHT and the former Primary Care Trust.  There have been damning reports into some of Lincolnshire’s hospitals, particularly Boston Pilgrim and finally we had a ULHT Board that was happy to spend £0.5 million intended for patient care to gagging people who had raised concerns about safety.

The media highlighted some of the stories about concerns about safe care.

What has our Council health scrutiny committee done about this.  Not a lot.  Or  our local MPs?  Most of them not a lot.  We need to hold not just our NHS leaders to account but  also our politicians who so far have failed to respond to the events of Mid Staffordshire and in Lincolnshire in a sufficiently robust way.

That’s why our campaign is important, and that’s why this organisation is important.

Please join us.

  1. Mister Sensible permalink

    This organisation is pointless.

    I would advise people to join Lincolnshire Healthwatch which is an independent statutory organisation for monitoring the NHS.

    • Thank you for your comments. We wish you well but Cure the NHS was formed as a result of the previous statutory organisations failing. We are totally independent and not funded via the NHS/Lincolnshire County Council and will adopt a somewhat different role in stridently challenging the vested interest in the NHS whilst applauding its many successes.

    • Jan Hansen permalink

      Healthwatch is toothless, sorry to say!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I live in Lincoln and have an interest in how the NHS is functioning here. I am currently pursuing FOI requests with the DOH, SHA and ULHT and will let you know if anthing interesting emerges. At the moment there is a certain reluctance on their part to disclose any relevant documents!

    • Thanks for letting us know. What sort of areas are you looking at?

      The NHS is supposed to have a duty of candour – be interesting to see if that makes a difference!

  3. You’ve got off to a bad start with me by repeating the lie about the deaths. I expect this will also lead to hospital/service closures. Isn’t Healthwatch up in Lincolnshire yet?

    • You are entitled to your opinions but many have expressed concerns about poor cage including the government as it has commissioned the mortality review at ULHT. As pointed out elsewhere on this site our purpose is not the same as Healthwatch.

  4. Jason Marshall permalink

    Good Afternoon

    I am putting up this message to advise that my wife and I are taking Legal action V ULHT in regards to the fatal error that resulted in my son being ‘killed’ by neglect.

    My wife was 38 weeks pregnant and despite being a high risk pregnancy due to diabetes, ULHT failed in managing the proper care for my wife. On the last occasion, my wife was admitted into hospital and checked by the midwifery team who failed to diagnose that my son (Layton) had gone into distress. This is proved by their own independent review. They admit had they done their job correctly, then my son would have been born.

    The reason for this is stillbirth law should be extended to include the fatal killing of babies like my son.

  5. Badyoungford permalink

    My father was in Grantham hospital in 2014. Unbeknown to us, the Trust were in Special Measures at the time, and as we know, they are now back in special measures once again. Our experience in 2014 and during the subsequent years remains identical to those outlined in the report findings in 2013: uncaring, arrogant, unprofessional, close lipped and, ultimately – fatal. Though they rhetorically pontificate that ‘lessons have been learnt’ – seems to me that evidence to the contrary is glaringly obvious. Whilst the Trust continue to protect offenders – dare I say, rotten apples – within their organisation, the culture will remain the same. The problems will remain the same. The results will remain the same. I will never forget our experience. I will never forget their attitude towards us. I will never ever forget.

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