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It is regrettable that the NHS does not value its staff speaking out in the interests of safety.  There have been too many cases of ‘retribution’ for so doing.

Organisations which can help whistleblowers include

Guidance for whistleblowers can be found on the NHS employers web site.

Any whistleblower may contact us directly through the contact form on the  ‘Your Experiences’  page of this web site.


If you want to remain completely anonymous even to us, use a secure email service such as Hushmail. Just type that into Google and go from there. It’s a simple sign up, very secure and completely anonymous. Read and abide by the terms.  Send your email to us at

Advice on security:

§  Most important, Don’t use any computer linked into any servers or any systems where you work to send information to us.

§  Do not use any computer supplied by your employer.

§  If you have created any documents, ensure you remove any private information, before sending them. This can be done through properties button of the file, select file then right click on it’s icon, a dialogue box appears Properties should be at the bottom of the list.

However for us to help it is often necessary to have a dialogue and we hope that even if you approach us in a confidential way initially it will be possible to eventually discuss matters in more detail if we are to try to get them resolved.



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